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VOBIS is an institution that wants to support migrants and refugees in Carinthia, organizing German classes, computer lessons, summer projects,….
VOBIS was founded by students in 2008 and consists of about 30 voluntary workers. For more information have a look at

The book project „Ein Stein in der Suppe – Geschichten aus einer Welt für eine gemeinsame Zukunft“ has the aim to publish a book for children with the help of refugees and migrants in Carinthia. In this book you will find 15 stories in 15 different languages (as you can see below). In addition we will have translations of each story into German and an audio CD where you can hear the stories in the different languages. The pictures for the book will be painted by the children of refugees.
Date of publication: September 2013
We are searching for people who want to participate and write a story in their mother languages. All of the stories will be published in this blog. In spring 2013 a commission will chose one story of each language that will be published in the book.
Our book wants to set an example for:

  • the importance of the first language acquisition of children
  • the use of diversity as a resource (intercultural project team; sharing one´s cultural background by telling stories; empowerment..)
  • the sensitisation of the public for the issues multilingualism, migration, interchanges

It is a pleading for equality: Every story / every language has the same importance!
The languages selected are as follows:

If you like to share your stories for children from the above mentioned languages, find our adress below:


Landesstraße 1
9073 Lambichl

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